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M1GO Jet Jaguar: Power Up! (Monster Kolor)   2 comments

Been home from school for a little bit now, and just finally this week got to unpack my modeling stuff.  In the mean-time, a great package arrived, and had me itching to get to work: Monster Kolor! I got a 1oz. Starter Set, and was immediately impressed.  I had been reading some recent comics, and was inspired by some glowing energy on characters that inspired me to try some serious fades and glowing effects with the new paint, and they performed well beyond my expectations.  I started with the red-yellow hot-looking fade, and then blocked in all of the ‘armor’ looking bits in black, to make it look like Jet Jaguar was red-hot with energy, sealed inside a containment suit.  I highlighted the black with a little blue, and picked out some parts in bright silver, since I wanted to try every paint in the set.  I then worked on the green, first just a glowing effect from the hands and eyes.   From there I tried out the Purple Pearl paint I got, which shows up the most on the darker areas.  I was expecting it to tint the bright silver purple, but this was a learning experience.

The green contrasted, but wasn’t doing enough for me, so I was trying to decide how to finish the figure.  When I was spraying the Monster Kolor, I realized just how thin and fine it sprayed compared to the much thicker acrylics.  I was finally able to use my Super-Fine tip and needle, and added in all of the cackling energy lightening effect… JJ is souped up and ready for battle, oozing raw energy and looking for a monster to vent on!

You’ll notice a couple weird spots in the gloss coat, which I think are from dust settling on it.  I think I need to get some kind of cover for the figures while they dry, since the special MK Gloss Clear takes 24 hours to fully cure.

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