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I finished up this second Kaiju Eyezon before break, but only finally took good finished photos of it this morning.  I painted this clear figure with translucent colors in a similar paint scheme as my ‘Sprouting’ GID one for a customer and painted the guts to match the plant theme.  The ‘bones’ are all green in order to look like stalks holding Eyezon together, and the guts are colorful so they contrast with the earth tones of the body.  I made the irises much smaller this time so the big clear eyeballs could serve as view-ports into the guts.  With some light behind it this guy really shines, and all of the guts are silhouetted.  I sprayed a bunch of coats of Future to give the figure a really shiny finish and get the colors as translucent as possible.

Posted October 29, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Commissions, Toy Customs, Vinyl

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