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Armorcast Battletech Mad Dog (Vulture) 1/60   2 comments



Classic Battletech is the quintessential American-born giant robot franchise, spanning tabletop games, video games, toys, books, role playing games, a cartoon series, and large-scale models.  Armorcast made three battlemech kits in 1/60 (28mm) scale a few years back, the Timber Wolf (Mad Cat), Mad Dog (Vulture), and the Atlas, pretty much the three most iconic Battletech designs.  These kits have been out of print for a while, but if you can find them they are quite good.  Solid detail, simple construction, and a couple of white metal detail parts on each make them rugged and impressive kits worthy of display.



The Vulture is a solid all around mech, capable of providing long-range fire support with its Long Range Missile racks and Large Pulse Lasers, as well as fighting at mid-range with Large and Medium Pulse Lasers.  Its sleek design really stands out among the usual bulky and blocky Battletech fare.


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