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Classic Battletech is the quintessential American-born giant robot franchise, spanning tabletop games, video games, toys, books, role playing games, a cartoon series, and large-scale models.  Armorcast made three battlemech kits in 1/60 (28mm) scale a few years back, the Timber Wolf (Mad Cat), Mad Dog (Vulture), and the Atlas, pretty much the three most iconic Battletech designs.  These kits have been out of print for a while, but if you can find them they are quite good.  Solid detail, simple construction, and a couple of white metal detail parts on each make them rugged and impressive kits worthy of display.



The Vulture is a solid all around mech, capable of providing long-range fire support with its Long Range Missile racks and Large Pulse Lasers, as well as fighting at mid-range with Large and Medium Pulse Lasers.  Its sleek design really stands out among the usual bulky and blocky Battletech fare.



The kit is a dream to work with.  It consists of about twenty parts and falls together.  There are removable tabs on the limbs to allow articulation, which I removed.  The legs are fixed in a stepped pose, the waist moves, and the arms are movable in two axes at the elbows.



I painted pretty much everything besides the weathering on this kit with my airbrush using Vallejo Model Air, which worked awesomely.  Weathering was done using oil paints, Tamiya colors, Tamiya weathering sets, and MIG weathering pigments.




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  1. how easy to get hold of is this kit or the Mad Cat kit?

    • Hi Kirk, I’m not really sure these days. You’d have to check ebay and see what’s around, or hope to get lucky and find some old stock at a game/hobby store if you’ve got one around. They are long out of print.

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