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Antimacrobial Microfighters! SOLD OUT!   Leave a comment

Microfighters are go!  Hit up the PRS Store to order.

Update: The first wave of Antimacrobial Microfighters is sold out! Huuuuge thanks to everyone that purchased one, wrote about the sale, or otherwise supported this.

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Microfighter Header Teaser   Leave a comment

Quick photo of the still drying Microfighter header art.  I think this might end up being a catch-all PRS header for the foreseeable future with different text on it.

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M1GO Guiro Dada   Leave a comment

Dada is an Ultraman kaiju.  He’s weird and neat looking, and the M1 sculpt is awesome fun.

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Weekend Custom Releases!- SOLD OUT!   Leave a comment

The five Glyos figures I posted on Thursday and Friday are up in the Store now!  Emails are coming in, so I will be answering them as they arrive.  Thanks for all your support!

UPDATE:   Emails are pouring in, so thanks everyone!  Looks like the only figure left is the Biotron Exellis!

UPDATE 2: Aaaaaand, everything is sold!  There are still a number of vinyl customs in the store, so check them out!

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Prometheus Rising Store   Leave a comment

Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up about an exciting, if minor, change to the site.  I created a new sub-site for the PRS Store, which can be accessed through the Store menu item.  I made it its own mini-site now so that it can have categories, browse-ability, and a much more user-friendly layout.  Ordering instructions are over there, and For Sale items will be stickied to the front page.  When they sell they will be marked Sold and drift back into the archives.  Go check it out!

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Kaiju for Japan Tsunami Aid   Leave a comment

By now you all have heard plenty about the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, and hopefully have donated to the relief efforts.  If you’re on this site or others like it, you certainly must have some vested interest in Japan, and they could certainly use the help.  In order to help ensure that public awareness and support for Japan does not fade as soon as poplar media picks up the next big story, Troy Stith of Gorilla Mouth is organizing an online sale of donated works by a huge turnout of toy artists slated for late April.  I am contributing a piece for sale, and I also already know of one donated piece that I will be gunning for, and I hope that everyone that reads this will also contribute if they can or at least keep an eye out for the for sale items and contribute to the donation by buying a piece.

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Ceekoar is Sold Out!   Leave a comment

Thanks for making the Ceekoar drop a huge success.  All the figures are now gone.  Keep your eyes peeled for more customs!  I’m thinking dirty and weathered figures next 😉

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NYCC Wrap-up   Leave a comment

No real pics, but NYCC was a great time.  One day was not enough, and it was impossible to try and see everything, but it was a blast.  Meeting up with people was fantastic, and the Cultyard section with all the independent designer guys was fantastic.  I scored a coupe great vinyls, including Paul Kaiju’s Buttercup color Boss Carion.

I also have two E.killers left with me.  The third was graciously allowed to inhabit the Onell ‘family’ table and was in good company alongside resins by PK, Sucklord, The God Beast, and many others when I left.  The two I still have are for sale in the store, so if you were interested, you still have a chance!

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Killer Culture Debuts!   1 comment

The big news starts here!  Introducing the Killer Culture line of resin figures!

I have been toiling away this little project for a while now, and am finally ready to pull back the curtain on the first figure.  Now, on to the story:

In 2010, the esteemed Dr. Hayflick was experimenting with macrocellularification, an experimental technique for making normally microscopic specimens large enough to be analyzed using the naked eye.  Using highly unstable ATP-X, Dr. Hayflick was able to grow individual cells that were up to two or three inches in diameter for analysis.  What happened next is still under investigation, but early reports indicate that a mutagen experiment elsewhere in the facility suffered some complications, and an experimental mutagen leaked into the ventilation system at the same time that a major breakthrough in Dr. Hayflick’s work was expected.  The facility was destroyed in the aftermath of what happened next, with Dr. Hayflick still unaccounted for, but the world now faces a deadly new menace, the Killer Cultures!  From the mutagen ATP-X birthing pools beneath the site of the lab, macrocellified pathogens have been launching their attacks on humanity, wreaking havoc wherever they appear!

The first Killer Culture making its debut is the Escherichia killer, one of the front line and most abundant macrocell bacteria observed.  Armed with a crushing tentacle and deadly toxin transport proteins, E.killers exist only to feed and destroy.  No antibiotic tried yet has been able to stop their deadly advance!

As the first figure in the line, E.killer will debut shortly in all his resin glory.   The first wave is almost ready for paint, and more news will be coming.

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SITE RENOVATIONS and NEW STUFF COMING- Queue the adorable ‘men at work’ gif.   Leave a comment

Bear with me while the site falls apart and comes back together again… big new things are afoot, and I think fans of my work are going to like them!

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