Kaiju for Japan Tsunami Aid   Leave a comment

By now you all have heard plenty about the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, and hopefully have donated to the relief efforts.  If you’re on this site or others like it, you certainly must have some vested interest in Japan, and they could certainly use the help.  In order to help ensure that public awareness and support for Japan does not fade as soon as poplar media picks up the next big story, Troy Stith of Gorilla Mouth is organizing an online sale of donated works by a huge turnout of toy artists slated for late April.  I am contributing a piece for sale, and I also already know of one donated piece that I will be gunning for, and I hope that everyone that reads this will also contribute if they can or at least keep an eye out for the for sale items and contribute to the donation by buying a piece.

Posted March 18, 2011 by Prometheum5 in Mecha, Uncategorized

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