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War. War always changes.


On today’s modern battlefields simply having boots on the ground is no longer enough for a be world conquerer. In the ever increasing fight for global domination the nefarious super villain Dr. Rampageo has enlisted the aid of some of the universe’s best robotics technologies to expand his ranks. These robotic weapons are undergoing intense testing on Rampageo Island, and their pilots have logged thousands of hours of VR training on simulators in preparation for a large offensive this summer. The Rampaging Robots Operation will spread countless armies supplemented by these Robots of Mass Destruction spreading over the planet like a terrible wave. Be ready to welcome your new Overlord to power on August 1st


Head on over to to DoomKick.com on Friday night, August 1st at 9 PM EST to pick up some 3D printed, Monster Kolor painted mecha toy goodness.  Myself, Bronnoize, and Mecha Zone have teamed up with our pal Jesse to have him paint and release some figures from each of our respective lines, and they look great.  Jesse even came up with names and backstories for the whole collaboration, titled Rampaging Robots!  Read on for each, pulled from DK’s post over on DoomKick.  The toys will be $25 each, with US shipping included.


Preying Chameleon: A variation of Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries wildly popular Stalking Toad model of armored suits. Designed for hostile environments these heavily shielded suits are employed in deep space, undersea, arctic, and volcanic Theaters of operations. Their advanced shields protect them from nearly all forms of damage, and also provide  a highly intelligent cloaking system that is able to mimic its environment on the fly making it nearly invisible until its too late. Loaded down with some seriously heavy armaments the Preying Chameleon is sure to bring death and destruction wherever it goes.




Shogun Infiltrator: The highly mobile Shogun Voyagers from the mad scientist Brownoize are a natural fit for jungle warfare. With their extremely agile body they can easily navigate through dense forests while quickly eliminating all opposition. Outfitted in camouflage befitting their deployments they seem to come out of nowhere as they surprise the enemy no matter how deep in the vegetation they choose to cower. Piloted by some of the best trained scouts these towering machines will swiftly conquer territory after territory for the glory of Rampageo.



Rampageonaut: Coming from the mysterious dimension known as the Mecha Zone these fully autonomous Mechanauts have pledged their allegiance to Dr. Rampageo in return for his help developing a portal for them to return home. They are sent after high value targets in urban areas. Having been running covert operations in cities around the world in the dark of night for months their success rate is one hundred percent. Once these beings are unleashed on the leaders of the world they will have no choice in bowing down to the Rampgeo Empire. Nothing can stop them once they set their mind to a mission.

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