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Last night I sat down with Atom from CollectionDX to talk about the development of Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries, the Rise of the Robots show at FOE Gallery, and how I got started at CollectionDX.  We talk about how I decided to start making my own original toys, my initial adventures with Shapeways, and a little bit about the UP! Mini 3D printer that allowed me to get serious.  If you guys like what you see, or have any specific questions for me about the toys, video, or printing, leave a comment here, on Youtube, or hit me up on Twitter.  If you are a CollectionDX reader and want to see more videos like this with other members of the staff or toy community at large, make sure to let them know!  Help me thank Adam and CollectionDX by liking the show and checking out their other episodes.  I’m even in one.  Once you’re done with all that, make sure you’ve got all the details about the Rise of the Robots show where Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries will be debuting, and keep an eye out after this weekend for coverage of the show!  Then, it’s on to some production releases!

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