PBT-002-00 Bounce Tortoise 1/12 Scale Prototype (Jungle)   5 comments


FOE Gallery’s Rise of the Robot Show is just five days away now, so I wanted to give people a taste of what Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries has to offer in full studio photography glory.  The Jungle colored Bounce Tortoise prototype has already been shown, but these are the official studio pics as opposed to the work in progress shots I’ve already posted.  I have full galleries for everything appearing at the show, but will wait to post the rest until after the show opens.  For now, bask in some green and brown real robot goodness…

The PBT-002 Bounce Tortoise is a flexible mainline combat power suit platform capable of fulfilling multiple roles depending on configuration.    The standard rank and file loadout is equipped with one heavy waldo claw and one beam cannon.  For the first prototype six inch scale Bounce Tortoise I went with a two-tone jungle type color scheme to show off the detail.  This guy is not for sale but will be in display at FOE.


The first 1/12 scale Bounce Tortoise revealed a few things that needed to be tweaked in the design before production, but was a successful proof of concept for the size and articulation.  I cleaned up the print texture with a little sanding and Liquid Green Stuff, but did not go crazy removing every trace of print layering.  I like the effect of a little layering.  It adds an interesting texture to the heavy armor chunks, while picking out curved surfaces and upper panels for more thorough smoothing gives them a more refined feel.  The big Tortoise is articulated at the shoulders and hips with aftermarket ball joints, and the elbows and knees are fully printed hing parts.


The big Tortoise is painted with a combination of Monster Kolor and acrylic colors finished off with weathering done using washes and pigments.  The markings were a bit of an experiment combining waterslide decals and stickers.  The stickers did not lay down as well as I was hoping, so I will probably stick to waterslides for everything moving forward.  Fortunately there are multiple Japanese hobby companies making large generic decal sheets for mecha and sci-fi, just like the companies that make polycaps and joint parts.














5 responses to “PBT-002-00 Bounce Tortoise 1/12 Scale Prototype (Jungle)

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  1. Fcking AMAZING! Any chance to get the files for these?

    • Hi Nils!

      Thanks for the kind words! I am really glad people are enjoying my figures. The files for these guys are going to stay with me, but maybe in the future I will develop a design just for the open source crowd.

  2. Ahhhhh to bad – i would love to give this one a try. Maybe we can talk about a Version where i print them and give you royalties?

    • I have to admit, I had never considered something like that. I don’t think I’m quite ready to try something like that, but it’s certainly worth considering in the future.

  3. Looking fwd to hear from you then

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