PBT-002-00 Bounce Tortoise 1/12 Scale Test Shot   Leave a comment


I have not had time to print anything in a few weeks due to work, but the nice thing about being busy is that I can set the printer up in the morning and come home to finished parts.  The latest figure out of the printer is the latest version of the Bounce Tortoise version 2 in six inch scale.  It’s awesome.


The Bounce Tortoise stands around seven inches tall in 1/12 scale, which I think just about works out as a power suit.  I’ve noticed some scale creep in my smaller efforts that I wanted to counteract here to make a more reasonably sized rendering of the design.



The new Bounce Tortoise is made of 32 parts are is articulated at the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.



Knees and elbows are a new thing for my figures.  I had been waffling between a few methods for how to articulate mid-limb, and settled on an all-printed part solution that works quite well so far.



The big waldo arm is new as well.  I like the cannon design, but thought two of the same arm seemed a bit lazy.


bt2-6-006 bt2-6-007 bt2-6-008

Here you can see the new elbow/knee joint.  It is made from three parts with a pair of chunky pins fitting snugly into the center part.













Range of motion is limited by the chunky armor, but now that I have a working joint part it’s easy to start building parts with the joint in mind.


The new joint works just as good for knees or elbows.




The Bounce Tortoise is a hefty suit of armor that looks able to withstand all manner of abuse.  It’s certainly not svelte and mobile like an Iron Man suit.

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