Allaround 1/18 Power Suits -101 and -102 Primed   Leave a comment


I made some pretty heavy progress on the Allaround this week, including getting weapons modeled and a second, just about final geometry print built. There are two minor fit tweaks left, but from the outside, these are the prints as theory case going to be. Next step for these two is some sanding and painting. The next step for the Allaround project is to order more joints and more plastic filament for a small production run…


-101 is on the left and -102 on the right. There are a lot of minor tweaks from -101 to -102.

The most obvious change is visible from the back. -101 (left) has a single piece torso that was printed lying on its back. The gnarly texture is from how the printer forms the bottom surface of shapes. On the newer -102, the torso is cut at the waist and printed as two upright parts so all the ugliness is hidden.


The print orientation of the torso also makes a big difference in how the surface texture comes out and how easy it will be to clean up.



The gun barrels come out awesome when you print the guns standing upright.


In Action!


Next up: sanding and paint!

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