Romando Microman Bio Mechanic Suit BS2 with Hyper Microman   9 comments

The Microman Bio Mechanic suits were model kits released at the tail end of the original Microman line and reissued by Romando in the 90’s.  You can read a thorough history of them at Microforever, but the sparknotes version is that they are chunky, rugged snap-fit battle armor kits for Microman figures.  This one started out life as the tan and brown Desert Filtered type, but I was on a blue kick when I airbrushed it a while back.  Microman is a pretty veteran toy franchise, so I went heavy with the weathering as if this unit had been there since the beginning.

The box includes the Bio Mechanic Suit and a Hyper Microman that has to be assembled as well.  I painted the Microman up as a test-type support personnel for the suit, and threw a beater Micronaut (gasp!) in as the pilot so that I wouldn’t chip the Hyper Microman trying to insert him.  The silver gun barrel is actually a missile that figures.  I lost the original spring from the kit and had to fit a pen spring in there, so now it figures really,  really hard.

Micromen in action!

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9 responses to “Romando Microman Bio Mechanic Suit BS2 with Hyper Microman

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  1. Great rust colors most weathered effects look muddy. The back reminds me of both Combattra and the Energon aircraft carrier.

  2. If I can get the #1 suit in green for $10 before shipping is it worth it?

    I was thinking of grabbing it and painting it up.

    Tom from the Summit
  3. Thanks for the advice, I bought it.

    I was wondering, what paints do you use? Do you brush or airbrush?

    Any good online guides for painting models?

    Tom from the Summit
    • Hey, I use an airbrush and brushes with a variety of paints. My favorite are Vallejo acrylics, but I use Monster Kolor for airbrushing, and some Games Workshop paints for certain colors. I also use oil paints, washes, and weathering pigments for different effects. I think I’ve written a couple quick things about my process on this site, but there are plenty of more thorough guides around. I tend to look more at armor modeling sites for techniques and such, but that’s just my preference because of how I like my models to look. Sites like Starship Modeler, Missing-Lynx, and Armorama are great for build up articles, how-tos, and helpful discussion boards. I also read a lot of magazines… the Japanese mags like Hobby Japan are better for the building part, with lots of crazy customized builds of a variety of subjects. For painting, nobody beats the Europeans. Military Model International is my favorite monthly mag, but there are a ton of other specialty mags to look at as well. Francois Verlinden’s old books are required reading once you’ve got a few models under your belt, and anything by Osprey Publishing is good. If you want to pick up a big, expensive book of beautiful models, Forge World’s Imperial Armor: Masterclass I and II are my absolute favorite modeling books ever published.

      I realize that’s way too many recommendations, but to start out definitely check out sites like Armorama or Starship modeler. There will be some good intro articles on there for help with the basics.

  4. Thanks for the info, but I’m afraid it won’t be of much use on this. A couple days after buying the kit online, the seller informed me that he actually had sold it and made an inventory mistake. I got my money fully refunded, but now I’ll still be in search of this interesting model. Oh well.

    I’ve got a 1/100 shenlong gundam kit I’d like to paint in a shiny red with gold trim. I want to give it the look of those fancy silk outfits you usually see worn by fighters in kung fu films (after an hour of googling, I still don’t know what the outfit is called). For the red, should I try translucent red over silver (like Hasbro’s iron men figures) or is there a nice metallic oriental red I can apply with a brush from the bottle? Perhaps shiny red and gold foil might look even better?

    Tom from the Summit
    • Yeah, translucent red over silver is a pretty tried and true method. There’s a couple decent clear paints out there that’ll work. I can’t think of a good line of metallic colors outside the normal silvers, golds, and brass colors.

  5. Do you know how to achieve flat metallic finishes as seen on Hot Wheels cars? I’d like to go that route for the red and gold paint so that it mimics the look of silk on the gundam. Thanks.

    Tom from the Summit
    • For smooth metallic coats like that, you really need to look at airbrush paints. Monster Kolor is a good brand for easy to use airbrushing paints that offers a good variety of metallic and pearl effect paints, as well as regular colors. They actually offer some brushable colors that I have heard good things about, but have not used, so that might be worth a look.

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