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Govurom is the first ‘bad guy’ introduced to the Glyos-verse in the first Passcode.  He faces the Infiltrator Buildman, and in the regular canon is destroyed.  After their battle, the Infiltrator is freed from his servitude by Hades Pheyden and becomes Argen.

The original Standard Govurom was a Custom Corps release of just a couple pieces.  With the advent of the Axis joints, production Govurom heads, and the newest Argen Mk III, I thought it was time to make my own ‘standard’ Govurom.  Govy survived his battle with the Infiltrator and upgraded his own tech to continue hunt Argen in my version.

The original Govurom has an awesome earth-tone scheme and looks like he’s wearing leather boots and gloves, so I wanted to keep that feel on his new upgraded armor.

Super posable!

The battle rages on!


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