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I picked up this little resin guy from Motorbot (Store), a resin maker out of Texas with interesting creature designs.  I’ve been interested in his designs for a while, but never quite committed enough to grab one of his larger figures.  He recently came out with a wave of bargain-priced minis, and I couldn’t resist.

The sculpt is smooth, clean, and organic.  You could see this little bugger being an actual, albeit horrifying, critter.  The doll eyes are a nice touch.  One thing to note is that I hit this guy with MK clear for extra protection, and he did not come quite as shiny as he is now.


Here’s a shot for scale.  Perfect size to add to my resin collection!  Keep an eye on Motorbot’s Twitter for upcoming work!

Posted March 25, 2011 by Prometheum5 in Resin

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