Glyos Customs WIP Part 2   1 comment

The first post was getting long, so this will be part 2 of the Glyos figures in progress.

It was time for some details, so I got out a fine-tuned weapon.

I did a number of yellow trim details, as well as some mecha-ey caution markings.

We’re really pushing the iPod camera here, but I fleshed out the squad markings and everybody’s head details besides eyes.

Everyone’s fit together for weathering.  I’m really happy with how they look here.  Not too many sins have to be covered by weathering!

Flight pack Sarvos.

Gendrone Buildman support unit.

Mushroom Guy Commando.

Posted December 13, 2010 by Prometheum5 in Commissions, Glyos, Toy Customs

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