Glyos Customs Step-by-Step- Updated!   1 comment

I’m working on a Glyos commission and a couple additional figures that will end up being for same. I thought it’d be fun to take some quick pictures as the painting progressed so that people could see how I work.  Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Here’s all the parts of what we’re working with… there’s three figures here.  I’m going for primarily blue battle suits, with an as-yet undecided secondary color, and some silver elements.  The Sarvos is supposed to be something of a test-bed unit, with some safety markings on him and a prototype gun and bitchin’ flight pack.  The Buildman Gendrone is going to be his escort type support guy.

The commissioned figure has a weird mushroom head, so he’s going to be an alien with a cool arm gun.  All I’ve done here is block in the dark blue over a brown sprayed undercoat.

The first highlight to the blue is being added.

Here I’ve started adding higher highlights with some over-brushing and a little drybrushing.  The key here is to keep the drybrushing subdued so the figures don’t look chalky.

The highlights look a little extreme around the edges, but at this early stage, that’s the point.  Once other colors and weathering are mixed in, they will be just right.

The blue was basically done at this stage, so I blocked the secondary color areas back in with black and neatened up the panel lines.

I went with green for the secondary color.  I’m going to use safety colors for the trim, and bright silvers for the mechanical bits.

Faded and highlighted the green.


So, a week later I managed to find some more time…


Here I have added in a light tan basecoat to all of the areas that are going to get the highlight color.




Here’s all the yellow trim added.  It’ll get a little highlighting before weathering.


I wanted the prototype gun and jetpack parts on the Sarvos to stand out, so they are going to have red plating.


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