Zollmen White Pearl Blank Zudon and Workstation   1 comment

Last month a quick sale went up for some white and black pearl Zudons from Zollmen, another low-production run Japanese vinyl Kaiju manufacturer.  I managed to get a white one from someone who had to sell theirs before they got it.  The white pearl vinyl is gorgeous in person, but unpainted the figure is a little dull.   I did not want to overwhelm the pearl vinyl, which was the hook of the release.  The eye is a separate vinyl sphere inset in the socket so it actually moves, so getting an iris and pupil on was priority number one, done with Tamiya Clear Green to preserve the pearlyness underneath.  I then wanted to highlight the mouth, with its big friendly stupid grin, so I threw a pink mix in there, and then misted some thinned grey-blue over the arms, legs, and head to hit some of the details in the awesome crinkly sculpt.  Also visible is my little itty bitty college apartment workspace… scary.



Posted September 9, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Toy Customs, Vinyl

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  1. Paints cool, the toy sucks. You can spray perfume on a turd, but it’s still just a sweet smelling turd.

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