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Mutant Head is the first of the Mutant line from RealxHead, and the second figure Mori released.  There have been countless colorways of Head since his debut, but I always wanted one that would really nail down the ‘look’ of the character, as if it were in a comic or such.  At the East Coast Chogokin Summit, Onell/Glyos mastermind Matt Doughty was looking some of the other customs I had brought, when he informed me that he was making another trip to Japan and China to visit some friends and his factory, and that I should paint a custom figure for Mori as a gift, as Matt and Mori are personal friends and have begun to collaborate on projects.  The idea of painting a figure for the creator of one of the vinyl designs I love was daunting, and I had to really hunker down and think of something appropriate, which is where the ‘Real-type’ Head came into play.  I knew he needed to be green and goblin-ey, as that’s always how I’ve see Mutant Head, and I knew that I liked the faded denim shorts look I used on my Zombie Chaosman.  I still had the friendly Hawaii-esque pink from my Zagoran custom, and decided to use that as the trim/spot color to keep Head from looking scary.  The last challenge was deciding what to do with the eyes, which are unique and a little weird.  I wanted to avoid them looking scary without painting in some kind of goofy looking eyes in there, so I opted for a gentle orange glow.  I really hope that Mori likes the figure when he gets it, and knows how much I enjoy his figures!


Posted August 30, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Toy Customs, Vinyl

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