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The YF-19 is one of the two experimental Variable Fighters from Macross Plus, entered in competition with the YF-21 for the right to be the new standard VF.  The YF-19 is piloted by Isamu Dyson, a hotheaded and reckless test pilot.

Hasegawa makes some of the finest molded aircraft models on the market… I found the 19 to be almost too finely molded.  This kit sat half assembled for ages in my stash before I finally mustered myself and finished it around the same time I did the PG GP-01FB.  I did the base with a premade wooden base that I varnished, and made the Mac+ marking from a glossy printed image.  I found that Hase’s decals react poorly to decal setting solutions, and had to repair alot of the black markings with paint.  I assembled the kit as the two-seat version from the end of the anime, and weathered it accordingly, if a bit heavy.  The only problem is that when I applied the canopy is crazed over  a bit… the moral of the story is to never use superglue to apply clear plastic parts.

Posted January 23, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Macross, Mecha

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