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The King Tiger/Tiger II was a late-war development, and just about the scariest thing an Allied tanker could run into.  The Tiger I was big and strong,  but the Tiger II was monstrous, which became more of a hindrance than a benefit.  Early vehicles featured a curved turret designed by Porsche, which was superseded by the Henschel production turret because the Porsche turret featured a weak spot in the armor around the complex curves of the commander’s position.  Because of when they were introduced, Porsche turreted Tiger IIs were almost always covered in Zimmerit anti-magnetic paste coating.

Last year DML began releasing Injection Plastic kits with Zimmerit coatings already applied on the sprues… before this a modeler would either have to sculpt his own coating from putty, carve the coating in with a heating tool, or buy an aftermarket Zimm set, either in resin or etched metal… all to mixed results.  The new Zimm-applied DML kits allow even novice modelers to build German WWII subjects from the Zimm period with ease.  My King Tiger represents a vehicle from the 503.  I painted the base color with a rattle can, and then hand brushed all the camo with thinned acrylics.  Weathering and details were done with oil paints and weathering pigments.  DML provides most of their kits now with comprehensive etch sheet and a turned metal gun barrel, so the only thing I added was the stowage from Verlinden’s resin sets.

Posted January 23, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Historical Armor

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