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Gargamel is pretty much the single biggest and most prolific of the Japanese vinyl companies, and their most recognizable figure is the Zagoran, based on a vintage bootleg toy.  There are Standard Sized, Mini, Crouching, Pocket, and now Micro Zags, enough for everyone to love one.  There are mini releases of many of the popular sculpts in true-blue vinyl, intended for customizing.  I went back and forth with my little Zag trying to decide what to do… finally I settled on a low-saturation color palette, contrasting with the bright and wild-colored production releases.  Initially the figure was all sprayed, but I really wanted to bring out all the fantastic texture and scale detail in the sculpt, so a wash and some drybrushing later I have a very well-textured cute little Zag.  I spent some time thinking about how to do the eye as well, and settled on some more color to ‘pop’ against the muted body color.  The mini Zag just has such a fun face!

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Clear Gargamel Zagoran Custom   Leave a comment

Gargamel is one of the leading Japanese vinyl manufacturers, with their most recognizable design arguably being the Zagoran.  Zagoran was a bootleg vintage design, from what I understand, brought back into popularity by Gargamel, in part due to how easily his simple and friendly design lent itself to custom paint jobs.  Some collectors spend their entire career hunting Zagorans, never to have them all, but all of them looking amazing.  This custom is done on a clear blank, which I believe was for a custom contest a few years back, similar to the BlobPus blob I recently did for a current contest.  I wanted to try painting the figure from the inside, since I really like the figure and wanted to be able to still handle it and play with it afterward without worrying about damaging the custom paint.  I kept the paint scheme simple, and found that painting figures from the inside is hugely difficult… I had some problems with the paint sticking, and then beading up, as well as running, as evident in a few places, but overall I’m happy with how the figure came out.  I picked ‘friendly’ colors, similar to a Hawaii scheme.  The lips and mouth and eye were painted from the outside.

Posted August 30, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Toy Customs, Vinyl

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