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WARMACHINE Eyriss Conversion   Leave a comment

Eyriss is an elven Mage Hunter in the WARMACHINE universe.  She is a popular character and often-used model due to her anti-magic utility.  Unfortunately the original Eyriss model is pretty much awful, so I never bought one.  I newer special release Eyriss model was released more recently which looks much better, but this has been my Eyriss model from the start.  It is a conversion based off a Reaper mini, converted using Reaper weapons, as well as removing some ‘evil’ stylings from the armor.  This figure is pretty old at this point, but was a new highpoint in my blending and color techniques.  The face is still one of my best, and the custom base was alot of fun to put together.

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WARMACHINE Khador Mechanik   Leave a comment

Privateer Press’s landmark miniature game WARMACHINE is a world of full-metal fantasy.  Magically inclined Warcasters control forces of steam-powered mechanikal Warjacks, while armies fight under their command with steampunk-esque technology.  Khador is the nation based on imperial/Soviet Russia (no communism).

The squad leader of the Khador battlefield mechaniks is one of the coolest single miniatures ever.  His mechanikal arm is amazingly detailed, and looks totally functional.  He’s got a great deal of detail on jis jumpsui,t as well as a fantastic headsculpt.  I had a blast working on this guy, using acrylics with a couple of oil washes on the arm IIRC.

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