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This is more of a ‘blog’ post than a display post, but I figured I’d throw it up here for people to see.  I am a through and through TF fan and remember watching G2 on the TV.  Fast forward 10 or 15 years, and now I’m into the hard stuff- Japanese G1.  I got hooked up with a guy who helped me grab many of the easy to find stuff like Star Saber, Vic Leo, and Overlord for decent prices, and even found a Dai Atlas for cheap, and then overpaid for a boxed Sonic Bomber, but there was one sneaky bastard that eluded me: Roadfire C-349.  On the TF wiki page, the caption under the picture of Roadfire reads “You’ll never own me”, and I took that as a challenge.  RF’s not necessarily the most expensive G1 TF by a long shot, but damned if he’s not just about the rarest.  Right when I was getting into the good stuff, I lost a loose incomplete broken RF for a whole bunch of money on ebay, and then did not see another one for almost a full year.  Cut to about two weeks ago, and after a big binge of older super robot stuff on YHJ, I thought to myself ‘I should check ebay again for Roadfire…’  and there it was: boxed complete with unapplied stickers and some moderate yellowing.  I had to have it… fortunately for me, the same seller was unloading a metric ton of good looking G1 stuff including other Japanese items, and it seemed to distract the competition, because I won RF for significantly less than my max bid with little competition in the critical last 5 minutes.  The bugger showed up the other day, and I was in heaven… Reprolabels are in the air, and I’m going to look into the hydrogen peroxide method for the yellowing… here’s some love shots of the Zone base all setup (missing Sonic Bomber’s Micromaster… one more elusive piece of the set) and a shot of the three Powered Masters together, and a box pic of my JP G1 stuff so far.

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