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‘Real-Type’ Vegetius   2 comments

Kaiju Big Battel is an awesome idea.  Dudes dress up in kaiju costumes of their own design and duke it out live on stage.  A few of the more popular creatures have been made into figures, courtesy of Marmit.  The Big Battel figures have the ‘fun’ factor turned up to 11, and are really creative designs that make pretty sweet figures.  Vegetius here is a giant turtle, but not the coolest figure.  His giant pointy head and little stubby arms make him silly looking, but not as much fun as an actual toy.  The design is still really interesting, and proved really fun to paint.  If you’re looking for a Vegetius, look no further than CollectionDX! Josh Bernard’s killer Nor’easter colorway is still available in limited quantities, and features squishy blue vinyl with glitter embedded in it, and a great cold-themed paint job.

This ‘Real-type’ Vegetius is my vision of what the big, pointy turtle would look like if it were actually emerging from the ocean!  Painted completely with Monster Kolor, it features the gloss coat for a ‘wet’ look, and different pearl effects on different areas to complete the wet effect.  I worked in some fades, as well as some finer details and free-hand work to get more practice, and am really happy with how it turned out!