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The unbelievable heat here in New York has just about everything at a standstill, so painting the first wave has been pushed back.  Unfortunately, there was an accident in the lab, and the one killer that received a base coat so I could show off the sculpt escaped, leaving a path of destruction behind.  Attached are the last photos of the specimen, taken by the late guard on duty at the time:

This was the first image sent back by the guard of the specimen awakening.  The guard moved in for a close look:

At this point the guard was able to observe the creature examining its surroundings, including improperly disposed waste from a previous experiment.

We believe this next photo shows the creature feeding:

After this, we are not exactly sure what happened, but it appears the creature became aware that it was being watched.  These are the last two photos received.

The creature’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

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