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There are two places to get Prometheus Rising Studios toys!

Check out the new PRS Store on Storenvy

The head over to the PRHI Section of the Monster Kolor Store

Posted March 19, 2011 by Prometheum5

4 responses to “PRS Store

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  1. hi there, im sooo interested on getting your restore debris custom., just wondering if it on sale?

    • Hi Red,
      Thanks for the interest. Unfortunately, if you head over to the Store site, you’ll see that my Debris Japan custom is already sold. Sorry about that.

  2. I realize I may be eager and you may have answered already.
    I know your selling the fight press at the Foe show. Is there anyway to get if I can’t make show? I’m in NY

    • Hi Ted!

      Not to worry, I am stoked to see people excited about these guys. The for sale items will be available first for people attending the opening on Friday, and then FOE will list any remaining items in their online story a couple of days later for everyone else to get a chance at things. If you don’t score one there, don’t worry because there will be more available directly from me soon enough.


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