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Prometheus Rising Studios is proud to announce its first effort in reproduction vintage toy accessories. Readers of the site know that I am a huge fan of the ubiquitous vintage line of Bandai Missile Firing Vinyl.  These standard-sized masterpieces depict some of the greatest of the Super Robots, with fantastic, chunky, and powerful sculpts, and blazingly powerful missile firing goodness.  The problem, of course, is that missiles are in short supply unless you are high-rolling and picking up boxed figures.  Even then, only the mintiest of specimens usually come complete with ordinance.  After a harrowing weekend of mold making using a few authentic missiles, I am now pleased to be able to offer durable resin reproduction missiles for all you Bandai MFV fans out there.  Cast in Urethane resin, these missiles provide a readily available and affordable solution for all you fans dying to get the most out of your MFVs.  Each missile is cleaned up and tested in a figure before being completed.  As an added bonus, the raw resin color almost perfectly matches the look of the authentic plastic ones.

Head over to the Store, because the missile are ready!

Missiles are marked for identifiability and tested for function.

Vintage on the right, repro on the left.

Every missile will be test loaded and fired to ensure proper and reliable function.

Posted September 7, 2010 by Prometheum5

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