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Killer Culture

In 2010, the esteemed Dr. Hayflick was experimenting with macrocellularification, an experimental technique for making normally microscopic specimens large enough to be analyzed using the naked eye.  Using highly unstable ATP-X, Dr. Hayflick was able to grow individual cells that were up to two or three inches in diameter for analysis.  What happened next is still under investigation, but early reports indicate that a mutagen experiment elsewhere in the facility suffered some complications, and an experimental mutagen leaked into the ventilation system at the same time that a major breakthrough in Dr. Hayflick’s work was expected.  The facility was destroyed in the aftermath of what happened next, with Dr. Hayflick still unaccounted for, but the world now faces a deadly new menace, the Killer Cultures!  From the mutagen ATP-X birthing pools beneath the site of the lab, macrocellified pathogens have been launching their attacks on humanity, wreaking havoc wherever they appear!

Killer Culture is a series of resin figures designed, sculpted, cast, and painted by me.  Check here and the blog for more news.  The first release of E.killer has sold out, but more news is on the way!

The first Killer Culture making its debut is the Escherichia killer, one of the front line and most abundant macrocell bacteria observed.  Armed with a crushing tentacle and deadly toxin transport proteins, E.killers exist only to feed and destroy.  No antibiotic tried yet has been able to stop their deadly advance!

Mixed Strain Microcultures

E.killer Prototype X-gal Strain spotted with Streptoccocus muderious

E.killer Fall Fatality NYCC Strain

E.killer Rollout Strain

E.killer Concept Strain


The Joint Killer Culture Defense Force (JKCDF) is our only hope against the advancing macrobial swarms.  Armed with their first anti-culture weapon, they act as a rapid strike force, ready to deploy against any threat at a moment’s notice.

The Antimacrobial Microfighter RLF-MKI is the main line of defense robots designed by the (JKCDF) to fight the growing Macrobial menace wherever they appear.  Armed with a heavy bazooka cannon and a twin-barrel multipurpose launcher, the “Relief” Mark I is designed for mobility and firepower.

The Microfighter is a three inch tall resin figure designed, sculpted, cast, and painted by me.  Here’s the archive of releases so far.

Safrinin Red Weathering Version

Safrinin Red

Real Type Weathering Version

Guiro Elite

Task Force G Weathering Version

Task Force G

Rollout Weathering Version (Kaiju for Japan)

Rollout Colors

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