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Forge World is the limited model garage-company branch of Games Workshop, and makes high-quality resin models for the mode dedicated modelers among the GW masses.  The Vulcan Mecahrius is a super-heavy tank used for breakthroughs and heavy support.  I was really inspired by ImpterialArmor:Masterclass, a modeling book released by the Forge World artists, and tried out a few things I picked up from that tome, including more oil work, and more layering. I’m really happy with the results, and think it’s my best armor model so far, and am interested to see what people think… this is around the standard I want my SM tanks to look at the end if the day, and I’ve got a detailed Rhino awaiting exterior paint, so we’ll see how these ideas hold up.
I converted the commander to have one hand on the stubber and the other pointing, as I’ve got a DK flamer team to go with this model, and I may end up doing a diorama base for the two models.
I also got some good use out of my GW spray gun early on… the base color green is custom mixed, and was sprayed to save alot of time and preserve the surface detail. What might surprise some is that the camo color was sprayed on as well… obviously you can’t do very fine squiggly camos with the SG, but for a nice broad banded camo, it worked to great effect. From there I some detail work and started the weathering, including acrylic work for shipping, oils for surface discoloration, dirt, grime, rust, oil, and fuel staining, and pigments and acrylics for the mud and dirt and the tracks.

Posted January 23, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Warhammer 40k

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