PRHI Shapeways Shop Updates- Star Wars, Micronauts, Timanic   Leave a comment


It’s been too long since I’ve posted an update on here, but today I’ve got a whole mess of new Shapeways offerings to share, all available now! Head on over to the PRHI Shapeways Shop and see what’s good.

For all you Star Wars Battlefront fans, you can now equip your favorite Star Wars Black 6″ figures with a TL-50 Heavy Repeater (above).


For those of you who picked up the recent Amazon Exclusive SWB 6″ First Order Stormtrooper set with all of the equipment options, you can now grab a folded up stand for the heavy blaster.

For all you vintage robot fans, I’ve got a bunch of odds and ends to spruce up your favorite Takara friends.


Pick up some knee missiles for your DX Godam (also Gordam, Gowapper). These will fit in the knee holes and work with the launchers.



For the Jeeg-lovers out there, you can grab some replacement drill missiles, the boosters, and the connector bit. You’ll have to supply your own steel screw or ball for the connector, but these bits are great for customs. The drill fits in Jeeg’s launchers. Use these parts on your Micronauts Karzas, Force Commanders, and any other Jeeg-based variant! Also available are replacement fists.



This tiny red missile fits the launcher included with the mini-magnemo Gakeen and Jeeg toys, which was also used on other Takara toys including some Timanic vehicles.

Lastly is a bit of a labor of love, a complete set of replacement parts for the Takara Timanic Time Machine 1.  This crazy vehicle is probably the pinnacle of of the Timanic line’s weirdness. You can pick up all of the small accessories and fittings for the vehicle, including the funky missile, the claw arm and connector bits, the booster engines, and all of the pieces for the antenna arrays. If these prove popular I’ll look into making parts for the other vehicles, as they are all awesomely fun toys!



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