PRHI Space Blasters – Star Wars Black 6″ Shocktrooper Backpack and RT-97C Sandtrooper Rifle   4 comments


Today I’ve got two new 3D printed Star Wars 6″ scale accessories available now in the PRHI Shapeways Shop.  First is a backpack for the Star Wars Battlefront Shocktrooper, and the second is the RT-97C Heavy Blaster Rifle wielded by Sandtroopers in the original film.  Both parts are available in Black Strong Flexible material and can be used as-is when you receive them.  I added the lightest bit of drybrushing and blocked in a few details for these photos to show off how sharp the prints came out.



Lots more pics after the fold!














4 responses to “PRHI Space Blasters – Star Wars Black 6″ Shocktrooper Backpack and RT-97C Sandtrooper Rifle

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  1. Hi,

    have ordered 2 of both from your Shapeways store plus one of your blasters to make my Black series troopers ‘Battle Front’ ready 😉

    I’d love some Battle Front jet packs and an auto turrent, any chance of you designing them??

    Thanks, Hugh

    • Hi Hugh,

      Thanks for the purchase, I hope you enjoy them! I have been getting lots of requests for some of the other accessories from Battlefront. I need to take a look around for some good reference pics, since I don’t actually have the game, but I would like to try and tackle a few more.

  2. What did you use for the dirty white on the shock troopers back pack?

    • Hi! I painted the details on the backpack using acrylic model paints. I recommend applying some clear varnish or Triple Thick Glaze to the parts from Shapeways prior to painting details on them, to help minimize the paint bleed from the porous material. After that, you can paint them as you would any other models or miniatures!

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