PRHI 6″ Gonk Droids Coming Saturday, January 17th!   6 comments


My 3D printed Gonk Droids have been a popular item since I posted the first one in 1/6 scale and sent one to as fan mail.  The 1/6 scale ones take a tremendous amount of time to produce, but I still wanted to come up with a way for folks to add a 3D printed, heavily weathered little Gonk to their collection.  A friend of mine suggested I go with 1/12 scale (6″) instead, as has been popularized recently with the Star Wars Black 6″ collection.  I’m a big fan of the scale myself from collecting Marvel and 3A Portable figures, so it was an easy fit.  I had to make a few tweaks to the legs to make the ball joints more durable in the smaller scale, but for the most part I was able to scale my existing model files down by 50% in the printer software without any problem.  After some acetone treatment, Monster Kolor, and a healthy dose of weathering using acrylics, the first batch of 6″ scale Gonk Droids are ready to go.  To celebrate the first sale of 2015, the Gonk Droids will also be the inaugural release on the new PRS Store site on Storenvy!  Head on over to at 8PM EST on Saturday, January 17th to pick up a Gonk Droid for $50 plus shipping.


Here’s a shot with 6″ SWB Han Solo for scale…


… and here’s an action shot! More pics after the break.






6 responses to “PRHI 6″ Gonk Droids Coming Saturday, January 17th!

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  1. Hi friends from Prometheus.

    I’m very interesting from your “Gonk Droid 6″ in 3D” for complete my Black Series Star Wars dioramas, and I would like to buy it.
    Please, contact with me and tell me thinks.


    • Hi Nicolas. I am sorry, but I currently do not have any Gonk Droids available. I hope to do some more in the future after I complete some other projects, so keep an eye out here for news!

  2. I am interested in purchasing one as well.

  3. me 3!

  4. I need one!
    How do i go about getting a 6″ gonk droid?

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