Roteaugen Armored Infantry 1/18 Scale 3D Printed Figures   Leave a comment


Folks that follow me on Twitter and Instagram have been seeing these new figures for a few weeks now, but it’s time for a proper reveal.  The Roteaugen infantry are the first release in my effort to transition the Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries line of 3D printed toys to 1/18 scale to be compatible with some of my other favorite toy lines.


The Roteaugen (Red eye) infantry system is named for the effect its Indirect Battlefield Awareness System (IBAS) has on its users.  On a battlefield dominated by hulking power armor and heavy weapons, rank and file soldiers are happy to suffer a little eye irritation for the increased survivability the Roteaugen suit affords.  The suit consists mainly of lightweight plate armor over an impact resistant semi-rigid undersuit.  Shock absorbing endo-actuators on the lower legs provide the wearer with the ability to carry heavier weapons, run faster, and cushion falls, such as in airborne deployment.  The IBAS headset provides real-time enhanced tactical data on the battlefield and targets, as well as suit and equipment status Heads Up Displays (HUD).






The 1/18 scale Roteaugen figure stands four inches tall, features thirteen points or articulation (swivel neck, elbows, and knees, ball and socket shoulders, hips, and ankles), and is made entirely from 3D printed ABS plastic treated with an acetone vapor bath for smoothness and durability.  There is a 5 mm port in the back for compatibility with all sorts of existing accessories.  I brought a couple early samples to the East Coast Chogokin Summit last month in CollectionDX-themed black and red, and the first real release will be through FOE Gallery this weekend.  I’ll put up another post about the FOE release tomorrow, but for now enjoy these photos of the early samples.


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