PRHI Toys at Super Robots Giant Monster part 5- Blockman Release and Armor Teaser   Leave a comment



The first Microman scale Blockman release debuted at Super Robot Giant Monster as a last minute addition.  I have reworked these guys a bit to be easier to assemble, and can now print them in color!  The Blockmen available were printed in three or four colors with Monster Kolor chromed silver accents.  They also included as weapon for the first time.

The first set of Blockman armor was also on display as a work in progress.  There are three vintage sets of armor for the Blockman figures, and I’d like to get to them all some day.  The armor is fully compatible with each of the figures sold, so I could offer armor sets on their own in the future for people who already Blockmen.  The armor is big and takes a lot of work to make, so I’m still trying to figure out how a release would work.

I have one full color Blockman left after SRGM, the one with green accents and gray fists below.  If you’re interested in him, drop me a line using the Contact Me link on the side.










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