“My Friend the Micronaut 2013” Items Now Online   Leave a comment

grasshutstoreThe “My Friend the Micronaut 2013” opening sounds like it was a huge success.  There are a ton of pics on the Micronaut 2013 Tumblr page now, so thanks to everyone who attended and snapped some shots!  The show’s webstore is now up on the Grass Hut site for your perusal.  There are three Allarounds left for $150 each and the Blockman prototype for $275.  I’m pleased to say that my 3D printed figures are in good company, as they are listed right alongside the incredible works of Brownnoize Productions.  Sanjeev is cranking out some incredible stuff.  His Shapeways-produced Powered Suit Fake Type is an multimedia tribute to the original Diaclone Powered Suit toy.  What speaks to me more, however, is his home-printed Powered Bio Suit (PBS), a Diaclone Powered Suit scaled up to Microman size.  I’ve been following this project behind the scenes for a while now, and I am so excited for Sanjeev to finally be debuting such a rad project.  It’s funny that we both independently came to similar conclusions with what we wanted to do with our consumer-grade 3D printers.  I am sure we will be seeing some Blockman and PBS crossovers in the future.  There are also some other terrific Microman-centric works for sale in vinyl, PVC, canvas paintings, and more than one other 3D printed project, so make sure to check it all out on Grass Hut’s site.


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