Hasbro Iron Man Silver Centurion and Iron Monger Comparison Photos   1 comment


While there are a million other things I should be working on right now, I received the second wave of Hasbro’s Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends figures today.  With the comic Iron Monger Build-A-Figure complete, I could not help but dig into the archives and take some comparison photos of Hasbro’s efforts to recreate the classic match up.  All that’s missing are the Hot Toys figures, but that would not really be comparing apples to apples.  I do wish Diamond Toys had been on the Iron Man train for the first movie, because I would really be curious to see what horribly flawed but gorgeously detained renditions they could have come up with.  I’ll probably end up reviewing the entire Marvel Legends wave for CollectionDX because it is a weird wave split between some mediocre repaints and some incredible new molds, but I’m moving soon so that will have to wait.  For now, enjoy some family photos.











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