PBT-0XX-00 Bounce Tortoise Painted   Leave a comment

I’ve been showing off blazing white prints for the last few posts, and I thought it was time to finally show off the detail of the Bounce Tortoise design.  The WSF Polished prints have some surface texture to them, and the detail is not razor sharp, but I could not wait any longer to try painting one of these guys.  This is a PBT-0xx print as shown in Adventures in Shapeways Part 2, before some changes and tweaks were made to the detail and size.  It was still a blast to paint.

The surface texture is especially apparent on the shiny Monster Kolored helmet bubble, but overall it’s actually better than I was expecting.  This is only a two inch print, so up close the texture is extra apparent.  All these surface texture issues will be eliminated eventually anyway…

Check back for more!

Posted September 3, 2012 by Prometheum5 in 3D Printing, Mecha, Resin

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