Adventures in Shapeways Part 4: PBT-000 Bounce Tortoise   1 comment

In Adventures in Shapeways Part 3 I discussed the 1/60 scale Bounce Tortoise print.  Today we’re going to discuss the larger, more Deluxe Bounce Tortoise in 1/35 scale, again shown next to a 1/35 scale Scopedog, and a 1/35 scale Maschinen Krieger suit.

This shot shows off the difference in size between the 1/60 and 1/35 scale versions.


While the figure is larger, it’s sort of amazing how the detail is not that much sharper.  Not because the print is not good, but because the small scale print was already incredible.  Still, with more room to paint on this almost 3″ version, I can already imagine all sorts of cool paint schemes and weathering effects.


Sharper detail is not all the larger version has going for it, however…


The 1/35 scale Bounce Tortoise is articulated at the shoulders.  That in and off itself is not all that earth-shattering, but how I accomplished that is something I am pretty proud of:


Polycaps!  The shoulder is designed to accept a Kotobukiya aftermarket polycap from a set that also comes with hard plastic rods that fit into the arm itself.  The movement is smooth and the parts are rugged, so the Bounce Tortoise can be handled without fear of damage!



Those big boom-boom cannons really click once they can be aimed!


More to come!


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