Bandai Mobile Suit Gundam AGE-1 Normal Test Type Mega Size 1/48   Leave a comment

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is the current Gundam franchise incarnation, and it is pretty great.  The AGE-1 Normal is also a recent entry in Bandai’s Mega Size model kit line of 1/48 scale mobile suits, which are also great.  I did a comprehensive review of the kit over at CollectionDX, and it is worth a read.  Bandai is really pushing the limits of what you can do out of the box, including making the entire kit tool-less.  The engineering is pretty incredible, and the result is a gigantic (~15″) tall action figure model kit that is chunky, posable, and rugged.

The AGE-1 comes in traditional Gundam colors, but it is a high-tech one-off machine in the show, so I went with a more subdued test type aircraft color scheme.  This sucker drank up a ton of paint.  The kit also comes with a nice sheet of waterslide decals that were easy to apply and went down smoothly.  There is an LED mounted in the chest, with clear light-piping parts to light up the AGE Device in the chest, the eyes, and the head sensor unit.  The piping works well, and the head parts glow well even when posed.

The large thruster in the middle turns to activate the LED feature.

Gundam AGE-1 Normal comes with two beam sabers with long and short blades, a shield, and a DODS Rifle.

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