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So, I wrote this review for CollectionDX without realizing that we’ve already covered this figure.  I didn’t want what I put together to go to waste, so I figured I’d post it here for my own edification.

The XM-02 Den’an Gei is an enemy mecha from Gundam F91, used by the Crossbone Vanguard.  I’ve only seen the F91 movie once or twice, and was not a huge fan, so I’ll leave further story explanation to places that know better.  What matters here is that the Den’an Gei has a gaskmask face and oozes tacticool.  It’s a lesser known Okawara gem.

Like other Robot Damashiis, the Den’an Gei stands around five inches tall, and is super, ultra, ridiculous posable.  Included in the package are the figure, two fists, two trigger hands, two splayed hands, a beam rifle, a beam shield, one beam saber with removable hilt, and a stand adapter.  The hands are easy to swap, but fit on snugly and feel very durable for such a small ball joint.

Within the limitations imposed by the design of the armor, if you can think of it, chances are this figure can do it.  The shoulders are a marvel of modern action figure design.  The only area that suffers a bit is forward ankle articulation, due to the armor flap there.

The back of the Den’an Gei showcases the Robot Damashii line’s balance of articulation and sharp detail.  All of those boosters are on ball joints, for that extra bit of expression.  There are even faux-cables on the ankles that do not attach to anything, but add in a little more mecha detail.

The Den’an Gei only comes with a few accessories, the most important of which is its awesome beam rifle.  It is made of hard plastic with a glossy black finish.  No warped barrels here.

On the left arm, the Den’an Gei features a smaller beam gun.  The hexagonal fixture on top of the gun is removable, which we will get to in a minute, but it is nice and snug, so it will not fall off during play.

The Den’an Gei and its rifle are made for each other.  The figure features exactly the right level of articulation to get into some great tacticool poses with that gun that most other Gundam designs do not look right trying to pull off.

The Den’an Gei was designed for guerilla warfare, and would look right at home tromping around in the underbrush, or sneaking around an urban environment, waiting to take the perfect shot before jetting back to safety with those big boosters.

The beam shield accessory replaces the non-deployed emitter on the left arm, and looks fantastic.  The shield mount is extended off the arm, and features a ball joint to rotate or angle the shield.

The clear beam shield effect is gorgeous, with just the right level of clarity and color to capture the light and really pop at just the right angle.

One beam saber is also included, with the same fantastic clear pink beam effect.  The hilt is removable, but I did not notice anywhere on the figure that it could be stored.

This design is pretty minor in the Gundam universe, but has quickly become one of my favorite figures.  The imposing beam rifle, great articulation, and dark spec-ops feel make for a really fun figure that feels very different from the usual bright and heroic Gundam stuff.  They do not seem to be very popular either, and I was able to pick mine up off of Amazon for around $30, which was more than worth it!

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