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This Oni was born blind and hornless, and named Gikaku (フェイク鬼- ‘false Oni’).  He was too embarrassing to keep after waiting so long for his birth, so a prosthetic horn (義角) was fused to his head and he was cast out.  Now, Gikaku travels alone, appearing only in place of a person being expected.  To see Gikaku is a terrible curse, and he is greatly feared.  The fundoshi reads ‘Great curse (dai-kyō, 大凶)’ and ‘待人 (machibito) – a person being waited for’, based on Omikuji fortune terms.

is a Japanese garage kit maker that has branched out to sofubi.  Their first vinyl figure, Restore Japan, is based on traditional Japanese Oni (mythological demons), and it is really neat.  After the first Debris Japan release, Restore announced a painting contest run through Lulubell Toys.  White vinyl blanks that came with white cloth blindfolds and fundoshis were sold through Lulubell for anyone to enter.  The only rules were that you had to keep the eyes and underwear area covered.

I painted my Oni in a ‘realistic’ fashion as if it were a resin garage kit.  All of the spray work was done with Monster Kolor, with the details done with acrylic brush work.  Various accessories were scratchbuilt and attached, except for the medallions, which were found in the bottom of a bead display at the local hobby store.


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