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Halfbad Toys is a three person painting, casting, and designer toy company from Connecticut, and they are awesome.  I got to meet them at FOE, where they were debuting the FOE exclusive color of their collaborative figure with oOMoSOo, a designer of cool things, sculpted by Steven Patt of PapaGrim Toys.  The result is Skekiltor, the Mace of Hades.

Standing about 4″ tall, Skekiltor is a single piece casting with an incredible amount of detail.  The FOE version is glassy clear red with embedded glitter.  The Halfbad boys had a bunch of resin items and painted figures to show at FOE, including many things that showed off their mastery of casting resin with stuff in it.  They are serious business.

The second figure was a prototype UV change figure that Adam presented me with as a trade for the blank Microfighter I brought him.  I don’t have a pic, but I can safely say that the UV change effect is incredible, vibrant, and smooth.

Admittedly, these are just about the two worst figures to try and show off how incredibly detailed the sculpt is and how clean the cast is.  I think I am going to hit the clear red one with a couple light colors, so I might have some more pics soon.

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  1. Glad you liked the beastie! they did a killer job casting and promoting these buggers. The sculpt itself has so many undercuts and somehow they broke past em all and cast em up killer!

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