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In my last box from Japan I got a bunch of Secret Base figs from a blowout sale on YJA.  These three are some of the elusive Secreters, the best SB releases out there.  Secreters are all Skullbrains, my favorite mold, and feature clear elements, pipecleaners, freehand sprays, and awesome homage color schemes.  After the jump, enjoy some yummy unpainted vinyl.

The black Brain is the first release, with a super squishy brain and the early longer gloved arms.

These two are the ‘Cyborg’ releases, all clear exclusives from Base Xero Xero.  They are a few years old at this point, and have begun to yellow.  While normally gross, it’s pretty appropriate for these figures, which now look even more like the vintage Henshin Cyborgs they are a tribute to.  The brain on this Brain is also super soft.

Glow blank Bee on the left.


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