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Armed with a G-C Hybrid-pattern assault rifle and the latest in full-bionic bodies, this rugged mercenary is prepared to take on even the most challenging assignments… for a price.

Aquoid is a head sculpted by multi-talented extraordinaire The God Beast from his successful Brain Wave of custom Glyos heads and accessories.  This particular head was cast in metal by Phil Reed as a test-piece for the metal Glyos parts that were released alongside the Renegade wave.  Phil gave me the head with the requirement that I do something cool with it.

I hung onto the Aquoid head for a while brainstorming what to do with it.  In a fit of inspiration I imagined how cool it would be if the fishy looking head really was the Aquoid… as in all of him.  Like a fish.  Then I put together what would be a bionic ‘body’ for him.  The upper half is liquid-filled to keep him hydrated, with a waste-processing and powerplant on the back.  The lower half is all mechanical.

I used clear parts for the upper half and sprayed them with MK C-thrus and glossed.  The lower half and armor were all sprayed with custom-mixed MK colors, glossed for protection, decaled, weathered, and given a matte finish.  The head is sprayed with C-thrus and pearls over the bare metal and glossed for a wet, fishy look.

The build has a ton of useful articulation, and I am really happy with how it came out.

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