Glyos Lorne, Delphi Adventurer   Leave a comment

Lorne is not like other Delphi.  Whereas most Delphi are seem as mysterious guardians of an as-yet unknown motivation, Lorne likes to hit things.  Called simple-minded and cast out of Delphi society, Lorne took to the stars and set out to write his own story.  Along he way he has made friends, and so many more enemies.

Lorne is rarely seen out of his modified battlesuit, customized from a standard Delphi rig for increased power output and maneuverability.

Lorne is a bit of a part’s hog, but he’s my only Delphi, so I went a little nuts.  He even has a metal head, upper arms, and thighs, so he weighs a TON.

Lorne is painted using Monster Kolor, and got to be the testbed for some recently released new colors!


Posted January 29, 2011 by Prometheum5 in Glyos, Toy Customs

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