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Ceekoar is one of the fringe worlds of the Glyos universe, known for its harsh gaseous environment.  It is constantly under siege because deep under its cloudy exterior it was the site of many ferocious Old War battles, resulting in the inhospitable environment today.  The survivors of Ceekoar were changed by the new environment and now dedicate themselves to keeping the Old War tech decaying on Ceekoar out of anyone’s hands.

More group shots after the break!

Doing a group of customs all in the same scheme like this brought me back to painting miniature armies.  The scheme had to be unique, but reproducible, and subject to variation because of the different builds.  I’m really happy with where it ended up, and thinks it gave them cosmic, powerful feel with an acidic color palette.

The scheme was designed to allow me to play with a couple of things, mainly some tight sprays and highlighting on the blue, translucent metallic colors, and wet candy clear weapons.  Each figure ended up with a lot of personality, but they all still look like a cohesive group together.  I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did making them!

Ceekoar First Deployment will be in the Store at 8:30PM EST on Saturday (tomorrow), but you might want to check in tomorrow morning beforehand 😉

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