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It’s Monday, and we’re back to Ceekoar posts!  There’s some other toy release stuff going on towards the end of this week, including a Callgrim drop, so I’m posting the release info now instead of on Friday to give everyone fair warning.

The Ceekoar drop will be at 8:30PM EST this Saturday, Jan 29.  There will be five figures available, the Sarvos, three Gendrone battle units, and the yet to be posted Phanost.  Caustius Phanost is my testbed figure, so he stays with me, and Corius Pheyden is off to Master Doughty as a thank you for providing us all with the perfect building blocks to make whatever all of us Glyos customizers can think of.  The Sarvos and Gendrones will be $45 each, and the Phanost will be $50 and features a metal head from Brownnoize Productions.  Each figure is painted fully with Monster Kolor and features a fine and detailed paint scheme with pearl effects and a high-gloss finish.  No loose Kaiju sprays on these guys.  The available figures will go up in my Store, and  then will be order-able by email, first come, first served.


Ceekoar Sarvoses typically lead individual Gendrone teams in the field, but they must also be able to take care of their-selves while their troops are engaged.

Posted January 24, 2011 by Prometheum5 in Glyos, Toy Customs

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