Glyos Blue Squad Flight-Armor Sarvos   Leave a comment

Glyaxia Special Forces Sarvos in a custom flight armor.  I’m not really sure of the role of Blue Squad yet, but they definitely have access to special equipment.

This guy is dinged up from action, but less dirty because I see this heavy of a rig as being more of a space suit.  Usable as a jump-pack getup on land, but primarily for full aerial and space-borne combat.


The Big Red Cannon is also definitely something special.  Glyaxia HQ would probably like him to keep it in a little better shape, but you do what you have to in battle.


For close combat, the Flight-Armor is equipped with a Baen-type power fist.


Posted January 7, 2011 by Prometheum5 in Glyos, Toy Customs

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