SSSS Membership Kit Part 2- SPOILERS   Leave a comment

Got a wonderful package today, but spoiler warning for members who haven’t gotten it yet and want to keep it a surprise:

The Super Seven Secret Society is the member’s club for Super 7, and nets you some special offers, as well as a special T-Shirt and a couple exclusive toys.  The second half of the membership kit dropped today, and blew me away.  The special figures are from the Monster Family line, both in clear green.  The round one is a Garuru, by Itokin Park, and the humanoid one is a Hollis, by Le Merde.  Neither of these sculpts had me as hooked when I first saw them, but the finish on these two is just fantastic, and fill a gap in my Monster Family collection.  The mix of masked paint opps and sprays on these is great, and the vinyl is crystal clear and gloriously squishy, always a plus in my book!  The shirt is also sweet, but is unfortunately black like so many other shirts!  The other thing is a little notebook with a printing of one my favorite Bryan Flynn illustrations.  All in all, a stellar surprise!

Posted May 28, 2010 by Prometheum5 in Vinyl

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