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The Glyos series is the brainchild of Matt Doughty, founder of Onell Designs, a small toy company dedicated to making some of the most fun and unique toys on the planet.  Inspired by his childhood love of Micronauts and all things fun, Glyos toys are ~2″ tall PVC figures with completely interchangeable parts and a variety of designs, allowing you to make just about anything you can imagine.  The build-toy aspects of Glyos are really just amazing, but my favorite part comes down to making awesome character figures to match the great character versions Matt has already come up with.  This custom was based around a special light-grey Phanost head I received as a bonus in one of my orders, for which I built and painted a special body.  We have recently been shown, in the awesome 8-bit style Passcodes Matt produces, some of the origin of the Phanosts, and while I won’t spoil anything, I will say that they are quite powerful.  My thinking with this custom was that a Phanost had been captured and experimented on (maybe by the Sincroids?), so I used some Buildman body parts, since the Buildmen are interchangeable mechanical bodies used by everybody in Glyos.  Upgraded with Phase Armor and a heavy Gobon Cannon, this Phanost escaped his captors with his new, more powerful body, and means business.


Posted January 31, 2010 by Prometheum5 in Glyos, Toy Customs

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